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It all starts with a domain name

Why Choose Us?

  •     Easy to use Control Panel
  •     24/7 Support
  •     DDOS Protection
  •     Money Back Guarantee
  •     Free Nightly Backups
  •     Outstanding reliability
  •     Powerful, Fast Servers
  •     Superior technology
  •     Secured Web site
  •     WordPress hosting
  •     No Overloaded Servers

Control Panel Features

Other than the default Apache, Nginx, Varnish and Light Speed Enterprise Web Server, your web hosting panel adds more advanced configuration options for improved performances, as well as domain management options.

Powerful File Manager

Your CWP comes with a powerful file manager to manage. FTP users and user limitations can be managed. The Advanced files manager comes with a code editor which makes it easy for management of hosted websites.

Reseller Client Manager

Configure client packages and service plans with ease, flexibility in how you configure client limitations. CWP supports multiple billing systems, including but not limited to; WHMCS, Blesta, Hostbill and Wisecp.

Cpanel to CWP Migrator

CWP has a migration wizard that makes it easy to transfer website from Cpanel to CWP or transferring website to another CWP server. This a nice function for administrators.

Domain Management

You can manage multiple domains within CWP for your websites. We also have facilitation that allows each domain to be on its folder. This allows for neat organization of domains

DNS Management

Management of Hosted domains is made easy with an advanced DNS management system. Users and Admins can add A records, MX records, TXT records, etc from within the user panel and the admin panel.

Database Management

Database is key in web hosting as well as any data storage functionalities. This is why your hosting panel comes with multiple database options. We support popular databases including MariaDB, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. Users can easily create, manage and delete the database from within the user interface.


MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL, it is a completely open source database and widely used because of its similarities with MySQL.


PostgreSQL is a widely used SQL database, that is built on the basis of performance. CWP comes with support with the database and you can offer it to your users.


MongoDB is the most widely used NoSQL database today. CWP comes with support for the same.


PHPmyAdmin is the number one web based MySQL database manager. CWP includes this for users to be able to easily manage their database.


phpPgAdmin is the number one web based PostgreSQL database manager. CWP includes this for users to be able to easily manage their database.